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"My boyfriend brought home a beautiful fur baby Wednesday night. I'm amazed by how comfortable and trusting he is with people. He is hesitant about his new space, but not at all about us. It's obvious he has been loved all his life and had nothing but happy interactions with his birth family. Righteous Ragdolls is truly one-of-a-kind. They don't just breed ragdolls, they raise sweet, confident little family members who are a joy to bring home. I hope it's my turn soon!" -Kat Kolind


"Our sweet sisters have been home for two weeks. Every step of the way before they came home we had updates about how our fur babies were growing. Our kitties have adjusted beautifully to their new home and have the sweetest dispositions. It is obvious that they were loved and socialized from birth. I cannot say enough about Righteous Ragdolls. We are in love!!" - The Mailey Family


"I bought a little female seal point from Righteous Ragdolls and she is absolutely adorable! Abigail is great with kids and other animals. I am so happy I got one of these kittens. I highly recommend Righteous Ragdolls!" - The Anderson Family


"We couldn't be more in love with the kitten we received from Righteous Ragdolls! He's an amazing and lovable addition to our home and we were so blessed to find this breeder!" - The Rella Family


"This is the greatest cat of all time" - The Grice Family


"Scarlet and Felix at home. Feeling the flow.  We love them." -

Andrew S. Fletcher, MD


" Hi Courtney!  Just wanted to tell you how wonderful our little Mya is and how much we love her!  She has been a little dream kitten- purrfect in every way! She was socialized so well by you and your family before she came to us and bonded to us immediately! She is so trusting and lovable, always following me around and wanting to be in my arms, in my lap or close by. She comes when I call her just like a dog! She knows her name and always uses her litter box. She's playful and entertaining, great with children and she and our two dogs are warming up to each other quickly. We appreciate your allowing us to have her and especially appreciate that you are a caring, extremely responsible breeder who genuinely loves and cares for the momma and daddy cats and all of the kittens! Everyone who sees her falls in love and are fascinated by her breed. Many had never heard of Ragdolls. I appreciate all of your kindness to me when I visited your home and enjoyed meeting your precious children! We will keep you up to date with notes and photos! May God bless you and may you and your family enjoy the best life has to offer (most of which is free!) Your new friend, Linda   P.S. Please bring the children to our farm for an outing where we can entertain them with ponies, fishing, picnic, etc.! Just call me or text me and we'll set it up!" - The Cappar Family


"Hello! I just wanted to give you an update on Keda. She is doing very well and we enjoy her so much! She is absolutely an amazing cat and you raised and socialized her so well. Keda is a joy to have and we could never thank you enough for her!
Now I just need to convince the rest of my family that we need another rag doll... ;)" - Pam & Family

"Above and beyond customer service by Righteous Ragdolls (Courtney Aliah and her husband, A.J.) for their help yesterday when we went to pick up our kitten. Our car's electrical system died a few blocks from their house. They would hear nothing of our calling a cab for a ride home. A.J. drove us in his Land Rover (he's the general manager of the Wilmington dealership) and even arranged for a tow for our car. Many, many thanks to such kind, caring folks. And we absolutely love, love our sweetie of a kitten."

My husband and I want to thank you for doing such a good job of socializing our kitten, Brooklyn. We are really enjoying her and nothing seems to bother her in the way of noises or unfamiliar people. Her temperament truly lives up to everything that I had read about ragdolls.

I've attached a few pictures. She is growing fast!"



"We love our Lucy that we purchased from Righteous Ragdolls over the summer, she is the perfect edition to our family! What I loved most is that when I picked up Lucy I could tell that she was loved by her Righteous family just as much as we were going to love her here at her forever home! I am very pleased with not only the quality but loving customer service we received, with weekly updates and pictures of our new little girl before we could bring her home. Thank you so much for our sweet baby!! I do and will continue to recommend your beautiful babies to anyone who seeks a quality breeder!!"