A Day in the Life

We wanted to give our kitty families a glimpse into a day in the life of our kittyland.

We have found over the years that there are several products and a cleaning routine we swear by to keep our kitty space sparkling clean, smelling good and keeping our kittens, moms & dads in top notch health. We often run our cleaning and feeding routine by our two vets that help us with our kittens. Paws & Claws Animal Hospital and Capeside Animal Hospital.

We have a daily routine of first, checking each kitten each morning when we tell everyone good morning. All the babies that are older get a breakfast of canned food and an immune support supplement called Imuquin .  Next we start stripping each litter box & any bedding boxes. Those areas are sprayed with My Pet Peed. It is an amazing cleaner and deodorizer. While the litter boxes soak, we clean and or replace any sleeping boxes. Each box gets a fresh blanket or towel. If the kittens are old enough, we let them run around and play , if they have been in one of our Meowternity houses. We keep the tiny babies and moms separate from the kittens that can run around.

We will take Clorox wipes and wipe down all surfaces where young litters are housed. We then take our trusty Eureka vacuum and get all the nooks and crannies and cat trees. Its hard to believe how much of a mess can happen from one day to the next. Once the floor is vacuumed, we mop with a bleach and water solution. The cat trees are sprayed with My Pet Peed. We will wipe down all the walls with My Pet Peed as well as the bleach and water.

Water bowls are taken out and washed and allowed to sit in the sun. The litter boxes also get washed and a bit of sun before we start refilling them. Once the water bowls have been sufficiently disinfected, they come back in and get refilled.

We have two Litter Robots as well as traditional litter pans. We love the Litter Robots but when the kittens are little and just learning, small shallow boxes are best, then they move to a traditional pan, then to the Litter Robot. We would say that the Litter Robots do an amazing job at keeping the cats from stepping in dirty litter, as well as litter waste from traditional scooping.

As well as cleaning all surfaces, we have running 24/7 is another product we discovered last year and could not live without is our Air Oasis Commercial Air Scrubber/ Purifiers 3000XG3 . Our reason for purchasing is the purifier is it addresses mold, bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces.

Once everything is scrubbed and fresh bedding is in their boxes, all kittens go back to their living areas.

Before bed each night we recheck everyone, kiss noses , feed and pick litter boxes a final time.

The daily routine takes about 4 hours, which includes breaks to play with babies !